Welcome to KLOSE Distributors,      369 Albert Road, Salt River, Cape Town
Cape Town’s central lawnmower shop offers an excellent range of products and services. Customer service is a priority, therefore, whether buying a new machine or having an existing product serviced, our customers will always receive superior advice and assistance.
We stock and service a select range top quality machines and tools:
PROFESSIONAL rotary and cylinder lawnmowers
STIHLis the leading brand of chainsaw in the world. We stock STIHL chainsaws, brush-cutters, lawnmowers, blowers, hedge trimmers, high-pressure cleaners and garden shredder/chippers. The STIHL brand is committed to innovative technology, unique quality and comprehensive service. Available in petrol, electric and now cordless battery powered.
PROTEA bowling-green mowers and scarifiers
SILKY saws and LOWE pruners and loppers
For machines other than those mentioned above,
please call us to confirm service and repair options.
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The STIHL Summer Promotion starts on the 1st of October and runs until 31 December 2019.

Please contact us on 021 447 1060 for further details.

- No more extention leads! - Low noise, zero emmisions! - The new cordless range from STIHL.

Tel: 021 - 447 1060
Fax: 021 - 447 6978

369 Albert Road, Salt River
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